[Windows 7] Freezing Gnuplot 4.4.4

Recently I had to use my favourite plot program (Gnuplot) under Windows 7 operating system. After downloading the newest version of Gnuplot 4.4.4 (file gp444win32.zip from http://sourceforge.net/projects/gnuplot/files/gnuplot/4.4.4/ ) I found it not working, which made me sad.

Error reproduction:

1. Open gnuplot.exe.
2. Type plot x (or anything using plot function).
3. Watch hanged window of gnuplot graph.

The solution is very simple:

1. Open Windows’ start.
2. Type “environmental variable” into text field.
3. Edit environmental variables.
4. Click on “New”.
5. As key type: GNUTERM .
6. As value type: windows .
7. 2x OK.
8. Now everything should run correctly.

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