[Java] The fastest singleton

Everybody know how to write thread-safe singleton.
Consider standard approach:

public class Singleton {
        private static Singleton instance;
        private Singleton() {}
        public static synchronized Singleton getInstance() {
                if(instance == null) {
                        instance = new Singleton();
                return instance;

The example above could be slow – consider synchronization cost every time you getting singleton instance.
Can you do it faster? Of course:

public class FasterSingleton {
        private static volatile FasterSingleton instance;
        private FasterSingleton() {}
        public static FasterSingleton getInstance() {
                // no need for synchronization
                // on this place:
                if(instance == null) {
                        // just in case:
                        // synchronize on the *.class object:
                        synchronized(FasterSingleton.class) {
                                if(instance == null) {
                                        instance = new FasterSingleton();
                return instance;

The synchronization cost is much lower – you have it only if you didn’t have initialized the object. On the rest of getInstance() invocations you only checks that instance != null and returning object.
Maybe you will be amazed – but there is another – the fastest option.
The thing you have to use is static field initialization. Let’s see the trick:

public class TheFastestSingleton {
        // static fields are initialized only once
        // when using class for first time!
        private static TheFastestSingleton instance = new TheFastestSingleton();
        private TheFastestSingleton() {}
        public static TheFastestSingleton getInstance() {
                return instance;

As you see we don’t need no synchronization and got thread-safe singleton. It’s the fastest implementation of singleton you can do in Java, but if you think you know faster way – please post it in comments :).

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5 Responses to [Java] The fastest singleton

  1. Nowaker says:

    The source of the evil in the programming world is premature optimization. You should optimize only when the profiler tells you what is a bottleneck.

    Singletons in Java should be implemented with a one element enum. It’s the best way.

  2. Nowaker says:

    Wouldn’t call it hacky. It’s the purest singleton in Java. And you get serializability out of the box if you need it – you don’t mess with readObject, etc. Joshua Bloch The Guru says so. ;-)

    • codesmuggler says:

      Didn’t think about serialization. See that looks pure, but as I have written a lot of code in C enum will be always kept in my mind as a vector of values (I don’t like writing lots of logic in Java enums).
      The other thing is – The Guru cannot be wrong ;)

  3. Javin says:

    Nice post , just to add
    While writing Singleton class we need to consider following points also :
    1) Lazy initialization
    2) Early initialization
    3) Serialization
    4) Many ClassLoaders
    5) Cloning



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