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Articles about pure coding. The main topics are design patterns, Java programming, algorithms implemented in C++.

[Databases] MongoDB – document-oriented NoSQL storage

MongoDB is an open-source NoSQL database. It is written in C++. Manages collections of documents saved in BSON (Binary javaScript Object Notation, it extends JSON) format. In the article I want to show basic CRUD (Create, Remove, Update, Delete) operations … Continue reading

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[Java] Hibernate + MySQL + UTF-8 how-to

If you wonder how to configure your Hibernate to cooperate with MySQL using UTF-8 character encoding – you are in the right place. The problem you may suffer from: you are using other languages than English in your web application … Continue reading

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[Java] Configuring Spring IoC using @Annotations

In previous articles (Spring IoC – example, Spring IoC – autowiring) I have showed you how to configure Spring IoC by writing xml code. This thing could be much simpler – you can use Java @Annotations and no xml-code to … Continue reading

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[Java] ORM, EclipseLink and JPA

What is the connection between ORM, EclipseLink and JPA? I hope you have read previous article: EclipseLink – getting started so you have some basics. In this text I want to explain these terms and show you an example – … Continue reading

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[Java] EclipseLink – getting started

Still using pure JDBC (Java DataBase Connectivity) drivers? Having hard times while refactoring SQL? You have to try out one of the ORM (Object-Relational Mapping) solutions. Two most-known are Hibernate and EclipseLink. In this article I’ll show you step-by-step how … Continue reading