[Java] ORM, EclipseLink and JPA

What is the connection between ORM, EclipseLink and JPA? I hope you have read previous article: EclipseLink – getting started so you have some basics. In this text I want to explain these terms and show you an example – … Continue reading

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[Java] EclipseLink – getting started

Still using pure JDBC (Java DataBase Connectivity) drivers? Having hard times while refactoring SQL? You have to try out one of the ORM (Object-Relational Mapping) solutions. Two most-known are Hibernate and EclipseLink. In this article I’ll show you step-by-step how … Continue reading


[C++] List sorting – bucket sort and others

In this article I will show you pure implementation of algorithms, which can be used to sort lists + list implementation. Bucket sort, quicker sort and insertion sort. Check also previous articles on the same topic: – C++ radix sort … Continue reading

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[Java] Spring Roo – webapp in 5 minutes!

Simple web application created and deployed in 5 minutes? Now it’s possible with Spring Roo – SpringSource rapid application development framework. An example: you wants to create application that keeps data of your clients and you don’t need nothing more. … Continue reading

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[Java] Unit tests – JUnit vs TestNG

Unit testing is a very important thing in applications. By testing your class you can prove that your code is free of most bugs and complies with the specification (you can’t remove all bugs, but can make your code harder … Continue reading

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