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[Java] Spring Roo – webapp in 5 minutes!

Simple web application created and deployed in 5 minutes? Now it’s possible with Spring Roo – SpringSource rapid application development framework. An example: you wants to create application that keeps data of your clients and you don’t need nothing more. … Continue reading

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[Java] Spring IoC Container – autowiring

The thing I want to introduce you is autowiring in Spring IoC Container. Autowiring is the mechanism that allows developer to write less XML code and moves the responsibility for wiring beans to Spring. I suppose you have read previously … Continue reading

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[Java] Example of Spring IoC (Inversion of Control) – dependency injection

Tired of changing your Java code and recompiling project when you want to change objects’ properties? The one possible solution is to create external file keeping all desired data and creating objects by hand. But… Wait a minute, doesn’t Java … Continue reading

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[Unix] Basic usage of tar tool

In this article I would like to describe basic options of tar tool – Tape ARchive. The most common use of it includes using gzip compression to achieve tarball of *.tar.gz format. Basic compression: Basic decompression: Options explain: x – … Continue reading

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[Java] Ehcache – cache engine

In modern web applications scalability could be one of things that you have to take under consideration when you plan architecture and use of tools in your project. If you know that your application will be used by hundreds or … Continue reading

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