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[Databases] MongoDB – document-oriented NoSQL storage

MongoDB is an open-source NoSQL database. It is written in C++. Manages collections of documents saved in BSON (Binary javaScript Object Notation, it extends JSON) format. In the article I want to show basic CRUD (Create, Remove, Update, Delete) operations … Continue reading

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[C++] List sorting – bucket sort and others

In this article I will show you pure implementation of algorithms, which can be used to sort lists + list implementation. Bucket sort, quicker sort and insertion sort. Check also previous articles on the same topic: – C++ radix sort … Continue reading

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[Java] Spring Roo – webapp in 5 minutes!

Simple web application created and deployed in 5 minutes? Now it’s possible with Spring Roo – SpringSource rapid application development framework. An example: you wants to create application that keeps data of your clients and you don’t need nothing more. … Continue reading

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[Unix] The fastest way to log into another machine using ssh

Writing passwords every time you log into another Unix machine using ssh disturbs you? It could be much simpler: Solution: Home: 1. Add to /etc/hosts (as root): 2. Add to ~/.ssh/config (as user): 3. Generate keys (as user): 4. Copy … Continue reading

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[C++] Radix sort – integers sorting

I have recently written article about counting sort, a linear complexity stable sorting algorithm: C++ counting sort implementation. Now I want to introduce you another fast sorting algorithm – radix sort. It is divided into two parts: one part that … Continue reading